Hecla Professional Audio & Video Systems

Modern technology offers professional possibilities to inform, train or entertain your customers, prospects or clients. Using state of the art technology to support your presentations makes the difference between winning or losing a client.

Hecla Professional Audio & Video systems, established in 1969, can inform you about, sell and install professional audio & video systems. These systems vary from LCD-projection to huge LED screens, fore ground to background music systems, smart boards, flat screens, interactive content management systems etc.

The company is in the field of renting, selling, (turn-key) installing and maintenance of professional AV equipment and is on top the leading companies in the Netherlands. The company is recognized for its innovation in the presentation market.

We employ various specialists including ICT specialists to offer a broad range of expertise. Our main goal is to offer our customers progressive solutions. 40 Years of experience and knowledge will be used to present a custom made offer for our clients.

Hecla Professional is the sum of its people and our products and services are the result of their drive, vision and commitment. In these days of high customer expectations we have to live up to our reputation for service and professionalism. It is our mission, therefore, to give our clients what they want, when they want, and we believe we deliver on this goal. In close collaboration with our clients we strive for a perfect performance.

Our product range varies from all kinds of audio visual equipment. Some examples are: video (surveillance-) camera's and equipment, professional sound systems from theatres to PA applications, lighting equipment, video- and audio conference and all kinds of presentation equipment like LCD projectors, plasma displays, touch screen control and interactive whiteboards. We are able to install systems in for instance boardrooms in such a manner that with a single push of one (touch screen) button all necessary equipment starts functioning.

Last but not least our rental department is able to supply you with all the presentation-, sound- and lighting equipment for a single presentation up to a large event.